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Event catering

10 years Event Culinary


Take a look at our website, full of tasteful photos. Here and there explained with short explanatory texts. We hope to convince everyone to come and taste with us! Because catering is ultimately about taste and experience. And you just have to experience it... So consider this colorful website, with lots of pictures, as an “appetizer”

Corporate catering

Event Culinair has been serving the business market for many years, for large(r) and small(er) customers, always tailor-made. No standard menus or standard catering solutions, but with a keen eye for the specific wishes of the client.

Corporate catering

In addition to business catering, Event Culinair also provides the best private events. Think of (exclusive) weddings, (summer) garden parties, (unique) anniversaries, private dinners, baby showers, bar & bat mitzvahs, birthdays and other milestones.

Private event catering
Concept catering

A specialty of Event Culinair is "concept" catering where the food, drinks, styling, etc. completely match the concept of the event.

Chefs are enjoying increasing (inter)national fame. We no longer only see them at work in their restaurants, but also on television, during masterclasses or on location for a nice dinner.

High end catering

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